About The Galway Food Company

Our kitchen is a place of Tradition

When I was young, rolling up my sleeves to help Mum with baking and cooking, I remember dreaming up recipes and sharing our creations with family and friends. Using locally sourced ingredients and the wisdom passed from generation to generation, I learnt to respect the produce of the land. Back then, our kitchen was a place of learning, of tradition and endless creativity.


Passing on those special family recipes

Little did I know that in time, I too, would become a Mum and seek to pass on those special family recipes to the next generation.

Today, as I encourage my seven children to roll up their sleeves, I wonder if they will be entranced by the magic of cooking and baking. To transform natural ingredients into a nutritious food is, I believe, a treasured skill.

I have always dreamed of starting my own business and looked at a number of different ideas for a food venture. Our family is spread over the world…from Galway to Chicago, Belfast to Sydney and Dublin to New Zealand. For years, when we looked for food brands from Galway to eat ourselves or bring home as gifts, we couldn’t really find them.

Flavours of Galway

Having moved back to Galway in recent years, I wanted to explore ways to utilise local ingredients in my baking and to use my baking as a “shop front” for local producers.

Here in Galway, we are fortunate to have a wealth of locally sourced top quality produce. Unique qualities show through when local traceable ingredients are sourced and used, as the land from which they emerge is unique. I call these unique qualities the “Flavours of Galway”.

My dream of bringing our recipes to a wider family circle has inspired me to create The Galway Food Company. I have great ambitions for The Galway Food Company in its ambassadorial role of promoting the flavours of Galway.

We are currently developing a range of savoury biscuits which we hope to launch during summer 2016. Our vision is to create a range of food products using locally sourced ingredients from Galway.

Already available in 65 outlets throughout the country, The Galway Food Company’s shortbread range showcase Galway in an innovative way. We really hope that you enjoy the Galway flavours experience!

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